The Sea Trust

The Sea Trust is a non-profit community interest company, working to better understand and help protect local marine wildlife, and to raise awareness in the local community.

We carry out daily porpoise photo-identification surveys from Strumble Head and the northern Breakwater in Fishguard Bay, courtesy of Stena Line. A high percentage of the porpoise population in this area has some kind of marking, meaning we can carry out land-based photographic surveys on harbour porpoise – a first of its kind study in the UK.

We also run educational events for schools and the public, such as sea shore safaris and marine plastics workshops.

Our Sea Môr Aquarium in the Ocean Lab, Goodwick, houses local species in tanks emulating their natural environment. This is a catch and release aquarium, all animals in the aquarium are temporary residents and are returned safely to the sea. We work in partnership with local fishermen and divers to bring you a real taste of Welsh marine wildlife and ecosystems.

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