The Sea Trust is currently running two main projects: the porpoise photo-ID project, where images of individual porpoise are used to study their population and ecology, and the Coleg y Môr project, which is working to turn the Ocean Lab into a marine academy which specialises in providing marine education to children and adults.

You can explore these in more depth below.

People’s Porpoise Project

The People’s porpoise Project is phase 2 of the porpoise photo ID project and is funded by the National Lottery, Heritage Lottery Fund.   The project will run alongside the porpoise photo ID project and has three elements; a photo ID project; a sightings database focusing on the harbour porpoise population around the Pembrokeshire coast;… Continue reading People’s Porpoise Project

Coleg y Môr

Coleg y Môr is a two year project funded through Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Sustainable Development Fund (SDF). The first year of the Coleg y Môr pilot project successfully developed a marine conservation educational resource in the uniquely situated Ocean Lab building in Goodwick. A portion of the grant was to upgrade our existing marine… Continue reading Coleg y Môr

Porpoise Photo ID

Our Porpoise Photo ID project, funded by the Postcode Local Trust and WCVA, takes advantage of Sea Trust’s photographic expertise provided by our volunteer photographer Ken Barnett, the high proportion of ‘marked’ porpoise seen locally and the concentration of porpoise around Strumble Head to carry out a study into the population dynamics, site fidelity and… Continue reading Porpoise Photo ID

Ocean Guardians

Sea Trust is delighted to be awarded funding by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) for our Ocean Guardians project. This project involves working with fishers to tackle the issue of plastic waste in our local seas. Sea Trust was awarded £20,000 and is working with local group Ocean Guardians Fishguard & Goodwick. The funding will employ… Continue reading Ocean Guardians