Coleg y Môr

Coleg y Môr is a one year pilot project funded through Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Sustainable Development Fund (SDF). The Coleg y Môr pilot project aims to develop a marine conservation educational resource in the uniquely situated Ocean Lab building in Goodwick.

The vision for Coleg y Môr is to deliver marine conservation based education, scientific research and environmental monitoring. This would provide the opportunity for the Ocean Lab building to be used as originally intended, for studying and monitoring the locally diverse mosaic of interconnected habitats and their wildlife.

A portion of the grant was to upgrade our existing marine exhibition at the Ocean Lab. The first phase of the upgrade is complete and the Sea Môr Aquarium is now open to the public and school groups.

marine conservation based education, scientific research and environmental monitoring

Potential research undertaken at the Ocean Lab will identify and aim to mitigate issues challenging our marine environment including topics such as habitat loss, biodiversity declines, climate change, pollution, invasive species and over-exploitation of marine resources.


As well as running the Ocean lab, including volunteer management and overseeing the upgrade of the marine exhibition, the newly appointed Development Officer will also create and deliver innovative new courses whilst contacting and working with educational institutions, NGO’s and partners to determine the demand and type of facility and activities that are required. The Coleg y Môr pilot project will explore the possibilities of further developing and placing on a firmer more sustainable footing the extremely important conservation and education work that has been undertaken to date to secure the delivery of much wider environmental, social and economic benefits into the future.

If you are interested to know more or would like to discuss a marine conservation based research topic please contact Sea Trust’s Project Development Officer Anna Elliott on or 01348 874737.