Strumble Diary 19 April

Thanks Steve for the previous post. If it’s anything like today you should have a good day and plenty of porps.

Today’s session started slow as yesterday but there were more distant sightings with the calm sea and good viz. First sightings were very distant (ferry range) but gradually they worked their way up the tide flow closer to the lookout. I was joined for a while by a family from South Wales where on seeing porps the broad smile and exclamations of joy were amazing and that was just the dad. The eldest of the three children showed an interest and knowledge beyond his years and it was pure joy to see him soak in the information like a sponge with so many intelligent questions coming back my way. A young naturalist in the making I’m sure and if you read this and I hope you will it was a great pleasure to meet you all. Toward the end of the session the porps were still busy feeding along a good length of the tide race with several gannets in attendance. I ended the session approx 12.45pm.

Strumble Diary 18 April

A beautiful morning but still this NE wind continues to keep temperatures down. A 09.15 ish start with no tide race as yet and only brief sightings to the west at distance. As the flood tide picked up so did the sightings with a steady pace throughout the next two hours. I was just about to leave and had packed the kit away when I turned to see eight gannets appeared out of nowhere and below were at least six porps dashing around on the hunt. Camera back out and after a hectic twenty minutes or so I called it a day with them still feeding away. Session ended around 12.15.

Ken Barnett

Strumble Diary: Easter Porpoise Watch 2017

Thanks for the pic’s Ken, as usual your contribution along with the rest of team Sea Trust made the event informative and enjoyable. Well done Brad, Anna, Rens, Laura and Chantelle .
Although the porpoises showed, they were not easy and it says a lot for our team that with their help just about everyone got onto them. In fact we managed to do two five minute click counts that produced scores of 18 and 9 sightings respectively.
Our painted egg rolling event  was won by new Sea Trust volunteer Anna’s son Jack, (Thanks for providing extra eggs for everyone Anna)

Cliff Benson