Community sightings network

The waters around the north Pembrokeshire coast are important marine habitats for a range of species, including dolphins, porpoise, whales, grey seals, sharks, anemones, corals, jellyfish, octopuses, squid, seaweeds and grasses, crabs, urchins, starfish, lobsters and much, much more! There is surprisingly little known about the distribution, abundance and threats to these species.

You can help us find out more.

Sea Trust’s Community Sightings Network encourages residents, local wildlife enthusiasts and visitors to report their sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises to the Sea Trust. This information is very useful in understanding where and when particular species occur.

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code has tips on where to view wildlife, as well as how to safely and responsibly observe wildlife in Pembrokeshire (and beyond)! They also have useful codes of conduct for different species which will help you to avoid disturbing the wildlife you’re observing.

Sightings submitted to us will be used to investigate distribution, identify important habitats and population structure. This information can then be used to develop practical management strategies for different species, and inform conservation policy.

Currently we are particularly interested to hear of any porpoise sightings, which will help inform our Porpoise PhotoID Project. Accompanying photographs are an extra bonus so if you have them and are happy to share them with us – please get in touch. In the near future we hope to establish this as a formal porpoise sightings network as part of the project.

If you would like to report a sighting you can email Sea Trust at