WOT (Wildlife Observer Training) courses

We deliver these fully accredited, one or three-day, Wildlife Observer Training courses in partnership with Pembrokeshire College. These courses are Level 3 and Agored Cymru  qualification.

NB: Previously known as Wildlife Observer Wales (WOW) courses.

There are several courses available:

  • Harbour porpoise and other Cetaceans Species (3 day course)
  • Whales and Dolphins (3 day course)
citizen science
Sea Trust citizen science survey at Strumble Head


The aim is to provide training in cetacean (whale & dolphin), seal and seabird survey and monitoring skills and methods. It includes classroom training on basic cetacean biology, survey methods and cetacean identification. These are followed up with survey training on land (weather permitting) and at sea (optional). Participants are required to complete a period of unassisted survey within the 3 day period and provide records for assessment. Developed and delivered jointly by Pembrokeshire College Coastal and Marine Environment Research Unit and Sea Trust.

“Anyone residing in Wales, or indeed anywhere in the UK come to that, with an interest in the marine environment and the animals which inhabit it should attend one if not all of the said courses…it will give you a better understanding of the natural world around us and perhaps persuade you to look at the environment in a more scientific (but not too scientific!) way without detracting from the aesthetic pleasure of watching wildlife”

Elfyn Pugh


We have set our dates for 2019 courses. These courses run subject to demand, so if you would like to attend please register your interest by contacting us or Pembrokeshire College:

Phone: 0800 9 776 788


One day courses

Sea Trust also offer one day taster courses to give you an idea of what the full WOT course will entail. These taster days are currently available for: Seabird and Whales and Dolphin WOT courses. These days will include plenty of time in the field, survey methods and an introduction to the species’ identification and biology. Please contact us if you are interested or would like more information.

Sea Shore Safaris

We offer educational field days for school groups on rocky shore wildlife, which can be tailored to meet specific curriculum or other requirements. Please see the School Visits page for more information.

School children being shown examples of the diverse wildlife found on the beach