Seashore Safaris

Join us to explore the sea shore!

Come and take part in our Seashore Safari Surveys along Goodwick beach and slip, exploring wildlife with the help of an experienced member of staff, identification cards, buckets and hand nets.

Price: £3 per person taking part. All children should be accompanied by an adult.

Not able to come along to one of our guided safaris? You are welcome to rent a safari guide for £1 per person and venture out on your own. Just ask at the Sea Trust desk.


The times of the guided safaris vary because we go out when the tides are low, giving us the best opportunity to find lots of lovely creatures.

School Holiday Dates and Times:

Thursday 26 July: 1.30pm

Friday 27 July: 2pm

Saturday 28 July: 2.30pm

Sunday 29 July: 3pm


Monday 30 July: 4.30pm

Tuesday 31 July: 4pm

Wednesday 1 August: 4pm

Thursday 2 August: 4pm

Friday 3 August: 4pm

Saturday 4 August: 10.30am

Sunday 5 August: 10.30am


Monday 6 August: 10.30am

Tuesday 7 August: 10.30am

Wednesday 8 August: 11am

Thursday 9 August: 12.30pm

Friday 10 August: 1pm

Saturday 11 August: 2pm

Sunday 12 August: 2.30pm


Monday 13 August: 3.30pm

Tuesday 14 August: 4pm

Wednesday 15 August: 4pm

Thursday 16 August: 4pm

Friday 17 August: 10.30am

Saturday 18 August: 10.30am

Sunday 19 August: 10.30am


Monday 20 August: 10.30am

Tuesday 21 August: 11am

Wednesday 22 August: 11.30am

Thursday 23 August: 12.30pm

Friday 24 August: 1pm

Saturday 25 August: 1.30pm

Sunday 26 August: 2pm


Monday 27 August: 2.30pm

Tuesday 28 August: 3pm

Wednesday 29 August: 3.30pm

Thursday 30 August: 4pm

Friday 31 August: 4pm

Saturday 1 September: 4pm

Sunday 2 September: 10.30am


Monday 3 September: 10.30am

Tuesday 4 September: 10.30am